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Rapper Surprised When Slay Queen $trips N Shower Nak3ead On Live Insta – Video

Rapper Surprised When Slay Queen $trips N Shower Nak3ead On Live Insta – Video. Zim’s Rapper Stunner, born Desmond Chideme, has come under fire after an Instagram live story he hosted with a Slay Queen went viral on social media.

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This is after a woman only identified as Amai Koko str¡pp£d and started performing s3×ually suggestive dances on the live video, while the bedazzled rapper grinned at the seemingly unexpected dramatic happenstance.

The video of the incident are now being reposted and reshared numerous times on social media.

In the viral video circulating, a man claiming to be Amai Koko’s father has also emerged, furious at both his daughter’ and Stunner, whom he is blasting for allowing his daughter to tak3 off her c1othes in front of his audience.

The father is angry that Stunner did not put a stop to the show when he noticed that Mai Koko was taking a shower.

Stunner has since apologized for accidentally hosting the lewd live video, claiming that he was ambushed and preferred to not ‘chicken out’ in front of his audience.

In his apology, Stunner promised to do better next time. Said the rapper.

I know my live sessions are no under 18 because of the topics we discuss but yesterday was way outside my comfort zone and I’m sorry to my followers and next time i shall be more respectful and careful when adding people . Kutya kunzi ndakwata ndokwatisvitsa pano. IM SORRY GUYS, I WILL DO BETTER NEXT TIME. I apologise.


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