6 People Shot @ Bosman Taxi Rank Located In Pretoria – Pictures

6 People Shot @ Bosman Taxi Rank Located In Pretoria - Pictures

6 People Shot @ Bosman Taxi Rank Located In Pretoria – Pictures. Unidentified attackers shoot six people at Bosman taxi rank, central Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa Dec. 11. Security operations are currently ongoing
Tshwane Emergency Services have confirmed that six people were wounded in a shooting at the Bosman taxi rank in downtown Tshwane (Pretoria) early Dec. 11.

The shooting was reportedly linked to a dispute between taxi operators. The perpetrators, who remain unidentified, have not been arrested.

Emergency and security operations are ongoing at the site. An increased security presence is likely to remain in central Tshwane in the coming hours. Localized disruptions to ground transport are likely to persist in the coming hours.

Minibus taxi violence is a persistent threat in South Africa where competition between rival taxi groupings over control of lucrative transport routes regularly results in clashes and targeted attacks.

Taxi violence in South Africa usually surges for several days, during which it spreads in a certain area before it eventually declines.

While data on the shooting was still crude, police affirmed two obscure men arrived at the taxi rank on foot sometime recently opening fire.

Several shots were terminated which harmed two taxi drivers and three commuters, police representative.

Captain Mavela Masondo said according to Tshwane Crisis Benefit representative Charles Mabaso, six individuals were harmed, three of whom overseen to run to the adjacent fire station to offer assistance.

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